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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

5 reasons why yesterday really sucked

1- J. was running a slight fever and was REALLY cranky all day.

2- N. waited too long to try to run to the bathroom to pee and ended up peeing all over the floor.

3 - J. can now get out of his swing all by himself. I discovered this when I put him in there to keep him out of the way so I could clean up the floor. Didn't work.

4- N. had an accident during naptime on the daybed in the playroom. (Mental note to self - get mattress cover for the daybed in the playroom).

5 - J., who has been climbing everything lately, climbed up on one of the chairs in the dining room while I was trying to cook dinner. I saw him and was telling him to get down as I was walking towards him to get him down. He started "dancing" on the chair and his foot slipped off the edge just inches before I would have grabbed him. He fell sideways/backwards off the chair onto the TILE floor. Fortunately, he had his head kinda tucked down when he landed so he hit his butt/back more than anything. So he's fine but it scared a few years off both our lives.

So, how was your day??


  • At 10:48 AM, Blogger ccw said…

    Sorry about your day. I hope that today is much better and that the kids are accident free.


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