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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We're back!!!

We got back late on Saturday night thanks to Delta (worst airline ever) and their 4 hour delay. It was a very long day for all of us, so I couldn't blame the kids for a couple of minor meltdowns on planes sitting on the freaking tarmack for 40+ minutes TWICE.
Anyway, we loved Albuquerque. Everyone there kept telling us it was unusually warm and humid while we were there, but we were quite comfortable. There was only one day that the heat got to me a bit and that was because it was 97 with about 35% humidity and the b&b we stayed in did not have regular air conditioning. It had a "swamp cooler" which forces air over water and then into the house. It cools pretty well when the humidity is really low but when it's really hot and kinda humid, not so much. So we've learned that when we look for a house out there, we will look for what they call "refrigerated air" conditioning or mentally add $6,000 to the price to convert to it.
We did some typical touristy things. We drove up to Santa Fe and visited the oldest church and the oldest house in the country. We also saw a really cool spiral staircase in an old church. Legend has it that it was build by a mystery carpenter for the sisters(nuns) of the church at no charge and engineers today are still unsure how it was built since it has no visible support. Apparently it was on the Unsolved Mysteries tv show at some point. Anyway, it was a real pretty church and a cool staircase.
We also drove up to Bandelier National Monument near Los Alamos and saw the cave dwellings on the side of the cliffs there. Pueblo indians lived there like 700 years ago. N. really enjoyed climbing the ladders to get into the caves.
Most of the rest of the time we spent in Albuquerque where, of course, we had to take the tramway up to the Sandia peak. Once up there, my aunt and I decided to leave the kids and hubbies at the visitor's center and take a "small hike". We ended up hiking all the way up to the Kiwanis Cabin on one of the peaks up there (basically a 2 mile hike each way). We tried to call the guys to let them know but cell service was basically non-existent up there. By the time we returned to the visitor's center about an hour and forty-five minutes later, the guys were so worried about us that they had already sent the park rangers out looking for us. D. in particular could not imagine me hiking that far. He said he fully expected one of to be limping when/if we returned. In a way, he's right, I wouldn't normally even consider hiking that far, but it was just so beautiful up there and the weather was perfect so we just kept going. It was really fun and I look forward to going up there again, maybe even with D. and the kids.
All in all, it was a great week and pretty much cemented our plans to move out there next year. There's more to tell about our trip but I'll save it for another post/another day.


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    Sounds like a good time. Waiting for the next chapter.


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