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Thursday, December 21, 2006


A got accepted to his first choice of colleges!!!

I encouraged him to apply for Early Decision so that if he wasn't accepted he would have time to rethink his choices and apply elsewhere. (Is it bad that I didn't think he would get in?) He had a very strong SAT score of 1380, but his 3.2 GPA was a bit weak, in my opinion. But he was accepted and we are all elated.

Things are so different now with the whole college application process compared to when I was in high school. Back then, you mailed out your applications, essays, recommendations, etc. and waited months for a letter to come in the mail to see if you were accepted or denied. A thick letter was always a good sign. A thin letter was bad.

Now, the entire application process is done online. The only physical paperwork is the letter of recommendation. Even your school transcript is sent electronically directly to the admissions office. Then, you check your application status online. Finally, they post a date that decisions will be posted online, after close of business of course.

So, on the appointed evening, we logged on to the school's admissions website, waited forever for the page to load (as I'm sure countless other families were doing at the same time) and saw those wonderful words, "Congratulations on your admission to the University of Florida's 2007 FALL freshman class!" YAY!!! A must have jumped a good 3 feet in the air.

We're very proud of him. Now if we can just get the whole college fund thing settled................


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